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Our Consultation Process

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Consultation Process

Consultation Booking

We will be implementing a new policy that requires all customers to book consultation appointments before scheduling any treatment or service.

The primary reason behind this change is to ensure that our customers receive the most appropriate and effective treatment for their needs. By allowing for consultation bookings first, our professionals will have the opportunity to assess each individual's unique requirements and determine the best course of action.


This step is crucial in confirming that customers are suitable candidates for the desired treatment and to achieve optimal outcomes.

Consultation Process





  • Medical Conditions

  • Execise and Eating Habits

  • Lifestyle

  • Budget

  • Goals


  • Consent Forms

  • Measurements

  • What are her goals

  • Pictures/Videos

  • Communication

After Care

  • Healthy Habits

  • Treatment Plan

  • At Home CAre

  • Compression Garments

  • Hydration is Key

Not sure what procedure is right for you?

Talk with one of our expert providers to ask questions and determine what treatment is right for you.
  • What is body sculpting?
    Body sculpting refers to a variety of techniques and procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the body, typically by removing or reducing unwanted fat, toning muscles, and contouring specific areas.
  • Is body sculpting a weight loss method?
    Body sculpting is not intended to be a weight loss method. While some procedures may result in minor weight loss, their primary goal is to contour and reshape the body.
  • Who is a good candidate for body sculpting?
    Good candidates for body sculpting are individuals who are close to their ideal weight but still have stubborn areas of fat or loose skin that they want to improve. It is important to have realistic expectations and a willingness to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure.
  • Are body sculpting procedures painful?
    Most body sculpting procedures involve minimal discomfort, and many are performed under local anesthesia. However, some patients may experience mild pain or soreness after the procedure.
  • How long do the results of body sculpting last?
    The results of body sculpting can be long-lasting, but they can also vary depending on the specific procedure and the patient's lifestyle habits. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can help to prolong the results.
  • Are there any risks associated with body sculpting?
    As with any cosmetic procedure, there are some risks associated with body sculpting. Some common risks include infection, scarring, and irregularities in the contour of the treated area. However, these risks can be minimized by choosing a qualified and experienced provider like us.
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